for a Courageous Conception & Pregnancy

can help you:

  • Reduce anxiety & depression to help increase fertility rates

  • Reduce miscarriage rates

  • Tune in to your connection with your Spirit Baby

  • Unblock emotions to help you bond with your child

  • Fall asleep faster & get back to sleep easier

I was 43 when my child was born, after a 10 year wait

(from Leah)

I felt for months over and over that I was pregnant, but then got my period on time. I felt at times like I was going crazy. The fertility clinic simply diagnosed me with unexplained infertility and we did 4 IUIs, one of which resulted in a 1st-trimester pregnancy loss. 

After 4 years and many different practitioners, I hit a breaking point, & decided my mental health and relationship needed work.  I found a coach that did hypnotherapy with me and there was a light that seemed to peek out from the dark clouds. I started dreaming about what I needed to do to get healthy and ended up turning to a biologic dentist for help. 

I was ready to make a change and I started to find the right people to surround me in my healing journey. I found many practices to be helpful in opening up my creative center and finding deep healing energy. I wrote music, danced lindy hop, and created art as I allowed my emotions to flow through me. 

I also worked with the dentist and naturopath to clear out the toxins in my body.

At 43, I was finally pregnant with my miracle child after a 10-year-long wait - including divorce and change of partners and countries.

When I struggled with being away from family and friends during my pregnancy and having to rest much of the time, due to pain from fibroids, I turned back to my creative practices to sustain me. That little child told me (at age 4) that they were in my tummy and died and then came back in my tummy and were born. What a journey we have been on together!

This program was born out of my wish to share the transformative power of creative practices to reduce anxiety and stress and help you better connect with your spirit baby before they come to you in this life. And my wish is that you will feel comfortable and empowered singing to them so that you also feel deeply connected after they are born.

Introducing: Connecting with Spirit Baby

7 Modules for a Courageous Conception & Pregnancy

  • 1. Joy: Play With Spirit Baby

    Get out of your head and into your heart center with guided meditation. (Video + Audio Meditation -Roxanne, Music - Leah)

  • 2. Hope: Partner Empowerment

    Take a positive statement (mantra) and learn to use it to have a positive energy exchange with your partner. (Video, Leah & Roxanne)

  • 3. Peace: Sleep Deep

    Balance your energetic (chakra) centers with relaxing yoga. Learn about good sleep habits and things you can do to help quiet the mind, so the body can rest. (Video, Roxanne)

  • 4. Confidence: Free Your Voice

    Reduce stress and anxiety. Learn to sing with a clear tone so that you feel comfortable singing for yourself and your child. (Video, Leah & Roxanne)

  • 5. Love: Bond With Spirit Baby 

    Learn to adapt songs to create a connection with your spirit baby and to bring your focus to the love you feel inside. (Audio, Leah)

  • 6. Courage: Conception/Birth Preparation

    Strengthen your hips & core to prepare you for conception and pave the way for a smooth birth. Return later for postpartum strengthening. (Video, Roxanne)

  • 7. Trust: Partner with Spirit Baby  

    Chakra poses combined with vocalizing to expand your awareness and surrender to the process of conception & birth. (Video, Leah & Roxanne)

Watch the transformation

2: Hope ~ Partner Empowerment

Not having that fear feels amazing.

Lee, Age 48

"I did Leah’s course in preparation for my first IVF. We had been trying for 3 years and had 7 miscarriages. I had already been doing all the things you are supposed to do in terms of diet, exercise, sleep, acupuncture, de-stressing with meditation, exercise, avoiding plastics and certain cleaning materials/ make up for years, so I didn’t really know how much more Leah could really help me. Leah tailored the coaching sessions to what she intuitively felt I needed – more confidence in myself, my body, and my baby. Connecting with my spirit baby and believing this was going to work. With Leah’s help and guidance, I began to realize that I didn’t need to physically ‘fix’ everything that was wrong with me in order for this to work, but rather work on my attitude and beliefs. And it worked! (Donor egg) IVF worked on the first try and I was able to choose to not worry about losing this baby even though I have lost 4 previous babies after seeing a heartbeat. And not having that fear feels amazing in comparison to what I have been through in the past. All I needed to do was to carry on incorporating what Leah had taught me in the course. We really underestimate (or even ignore) the importance of the mental and spiritual aspect of fertility." (Baby born in March 2019)

Deciding not to suffer any longer is so freeing for me.


Leah has provided me with awesome intuitive insights into both my journey to become a mum, but also some wounds that needed some further healing. These clarities have been part of a much-needed support system for me to let go of having my biological baby and begin to bring in the energy / frequency of my adopted baby. Deciding not to suffer any longer is so freeing for me. After so much heartache and struggle, I really welcome being at peace with where I’m at and confident it’s the right choice for me. Such a gift after so many years of heartbreak. So much love and appreciation for you, Leah xx


When you purchase now, you will also get access to the following bonus material.

  • Bonus #1 Energy Booster

    Are You Feeling a Complete Lack of Energy? You can use this recording at any time you are feeling drained. It's a visualization combined with healing music to help you feel safe and centered in yourself. This is particularly helpful when you feel others are taking up too much time or energy and it's becoming exhausting for you. (Audio, Leah)

  • Bonus #2 Curated Playlists

    Access to collections of songs to help calm you down when you are having a difficult day and simple songs that you will be able to use with your child to help calm them down when stressful times come.

What Does Fertility Research Say?

Sound Healing & Yoga

  • A sound healing/yoga practice done throughout pregnancy helped to normalize blood pressure, reduce need for oxygen in newborn babies and lowered the rate of miscarriage from 8% to 2% Dr. Singh, Sadar Hospital, Munger, 1993

  • Research has shown humming to be much more than a self-soothing sound: it affects us on a physical level, reducing stress, inducing calmness, and enhancing sleep as well as lowering heart rate and blood pressure and producing powerful neurochemicals such as oxytocin, the “love” hormone. -Jonathan Goldman author of The Humming Effect

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Meet Our Team

Music Educator, Parent & Creativity Coach Leah Irby

I spent the first 20 years of my career as a music teacher and then I became a mom at the age of 43 and started the journey of parenting my autistic, adhd, pda child. So much of my music work is informed by trying to create a place for my child that doesn't require them to fit into society's nice, neat box. As a Creativity Coach, I’ve been a featured guest on the Get Pregnant Naturally, Spirit Baby Radio, and other podcasts, talking about how music can be used to enhance fertility. I use violin, viola, cello & vocals to create music for healing and empowerment. I am also the author of the children's book series, Gender Rainbow, and co-author of several books in the Dance-it-out series. With viola performance and teacher certification degrees from The University of Washington, I have worked with thousands of students in the US, India, and Sweden for 20 years, creating community and empowering people with music. While I was living in the Seattle area, my orchestra programs were recognized as among the top in Washington state. Since 1997, I’ve been an ordained minister with Community of Christ, trained in peace & reconciliation practices. After many years of conception delay with a previous partner (4 years, 4 IUIs, 1 ectopic loss, and several more years of waiting) - In 2015, I moved from the US to Sweden, got pregnant natural conception 5 months later, and gave birth to our child when I was 43. My husband Mattias and I enjoy sharing our love of swing dancing and singing silly songs with our child.

Doula, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor Roxanne Sailors

I support and nurture women in their personal growth journey as a movement coach, doula and life coach. I sang, wrote songs, and played penny whistle as a member of the Irish band, Maggie's Fury for 20 years and enjoyed the synergy of performing and creating music until the group disbanded in 2016. I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise with specialties in: Functional Movement, Fitness Nutrition, TRX Yoga, RMax Clubbell Athletics & Clubbell Yoga Coaching. I have been serving women and their families as a doula and movement coach for more than 14+ years and am truly passionate about tapping into flow and magick in all areas of life. I do this through daily self-care and connection practices which may include any of the following: meditation, reading tarot, performing music, cooking, hiking, kayaking, biking, dancing with heavy objects (steel mace and clubbells), and stargazing. I have written articles about mind, body, spirit connection & self-care for the Bellingham Training and Tennis Club Blog & Retailing Insight. I co-host a video podcast called “Woke Wild Women”.

This program IS for you if you:

  • Are pregnant after a previous loss or infertility

  • Are experiencing any type of anxiety or depression

  • Are hoping to be pregnant after a loss or infertility

  • Are dealing with overwhelm from doctors appointments and choices you have to make

  • Are partnered or single

  • Are open to new ways of thinking

  • Are willing to invest in your emotional health

  • Are willing to put down your distractions and focus during your learning sessions

  • Wish to have a more smooth pregnancy and birth process after having a traumatic birth/pregnancy in the past

This Program is NOT for you if you:

  • Prefer not to deal with your emotions

  • Don’t want to try new things

  • Want to figure out everything on your own

  • Have no interest in singing, even when no one else is listening


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to be able to “sing well” in order to benefit from this program?

    No. Anyone who has a voice and can speak, can also sing. These techniques we show you will allow your natural voice to flow through. But, you do have to be willing to try in order to learn the new ways of singing and using your voice.

  • What if I am pregnant when I sign up and have a miscarriage or loss before or during the program?

    You will be in the right place to be supported so that you feel less alone. And the techniques you learn in this program can be especially helpful when you are grieving. This will help you to feel your feelings as they come and find your calm through the storm.

  • I am not currently pregnant, but I have experienced a loss or prolonged infertility. Can this still help me?

    Yes. The techniques you learn now can help you in the future. Having an understanding of them ahead of time will help you put them into practice more easily when you are pregnant. These techniques can also help calm the storms of uncertainty and waiting.

  • What if I want to write a song for my child, will this help me?

    We can not guarantee that you will be able to complete a song on your own during this program, however, there are a lot of tips and song suggestions presented throughout. If you already have a music background, you may get inspired to write a song for your child from what we share or at the very least, you will learn how to take a song that already exists and make it the special song you sing to your child.

  • I'm really busy. How much time is this course going to take per week?

    The video/ audio lessons are about 15-30 minutes each. You should plan a little time after to absorb what was talked about and possibly write in your journal. It is suggested that you go through one chapter per week, which would be for a total of 7 weeks. But, you can go faster or slower than that. Use the course as it best suits you.

  • What if I never get pregnant, will I still get value from joining this program?

    When you take your time and money and invest in yourself, you are going to see changes. You may not become pregnant (as we can't guarantee that) however we believe that you will be able to see changes in your ability to adapt to stressful situations of your life. And that this can still be helpful in a future parenting or child-free life.

Are You Ready To Be Courageous?