Did you know that music

can be one of the most powerful ways of healing and processing our emotions?

  • Rewire Your Brain

    We can activate all the areas of the brain while listening to music and this can help to rewire and disrupt negative patterns. Areas responsible for emotions and creativity, along with many others are activated during music listening.

  • Create Connection

    By listening to heart-centered music, we can begin (and fast track) moving through grief and processing our emotions, so that we can not only calm the anxiety but feel more connected to our baby.

  • Be the Calm You Seek

    Learn some breathing techniques from yoga for a quick first-aid for anxiety or panic moments when they arise. Practicing these techniques in the times of calm can help you be better prepared in the future.

  • Leah's Story

    I went through 4+ years of trying to conceive and a 6-week miscarriage before uncovering health challenges and going on to have my rainbow baby (one born after a loss) when I was 43 years old. I understand the overwhelm and anxiety that can come with pregnancy and I have used my knowledge of healing with music to help create this sensory experience to help disrupt the loop of worry.

What is included?

This free course will give you a sample of our larger Courageous Pregnancy Program

  • Learn to take a song and use it to help disrupt the negative thoughts

  • Learn about a mantra song and how it can create a connection with your spirit baby or future child

  • Experience a connection with those you have lost (in previous pregnancy or others in your life ) and let the music connect you to help you heal

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About Us:

Music Educator, Parent & Creativity Coach Leah Irby

I spent the first 20 years of my career as a music teacher and then I became a mom at the age of 43 and started the journey of parenting my autistic, adhd, pda child. So much of my music work is informed by trying to create a place for my child that doesn't require them to fit into society's nice, neat box. As a Creativity Coach, I’ve been a featured guest on the Get Pregnant Naturally, Spirit Baby Radio, and other podcasts, talking about how music can be used to enhance fertility. I use violin, viola, cello & vocals to create music for healing and empowerment. I am also the author of the children's book series, Gender Rainbow, and co-author of several books in the Dance-it-out series. With viola performance and teacher certification degrees from The University of Washington, I have worked with thousands of students in the US, India, and Sweden for 20 years, creating community and empowering people with music. While I was living in the Seattle area, my orchestra programs were recognized as among the top in Washington state. Since 1997, I’ve been an ordained minister with Community of Christ, trained in peace & reconciliation practices. After many years of conception delay with a previous partner (4 years, 4 IUIs, 1 ectopic loss, and several more years of waiting) - In 2015, I moved from the US to Sweden, got pregnant natural conception 5 months later, and gave birth to our child when I was 43. My husband Mattias and I enjoy sharing our love of swing dancing and singing silly songs with our child.

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